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Ice Fishing With an Underwater Camera [VIDEO]

Ice Fishing Underwater Camera

This video will show you how to catch more fish while ice fishing.

Ice fishing can often be one of the most fruitless forms of fishing. Unless you have the right spot, the right bait, and the proper technique, you're probably not going to catch anything while sitting atop your frozen ice-sheet. To add insult to injury, you probably freeze your butt off every time you go--unless of course you have a canopy, a heater, and some tasty hot toddies.

Maybe next time you venture out into the frozen landscape you can take some pointers from youtuber Zackery Mitani. His near perfect jig technique isn't the only trick up his sleeve. Mitani uses a GoPro to film the underwater action, and an Aqua-Vu to see exactly when the fish bite; giving him a huge advantage over the average ice fisherman. Some may call it cheating, but others would say that it is just plain genius.

Watch the video to see Mitani pull in walleye, bluegill, and a few trout too!

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If an Aqua Vu is out of your price range (they start out at about 250 bucks), then here's an idea. Buy a water proof case for your phone, tie some paracord to it, start a video-chat session with your buddy's cell phone, and lower the thing down into the icy abyss.

Admittedly though, you'd have to be fine with potentially loosing, or ruining, your phone. And maybe the phone wouldn't have reception beneath two feet of ice anyways. If anyone is brave enough to try this method this coming winter, then please let us know about it.

What are your favorite ice fishing techniques? Share them in the comment section below.

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Ice Fishing With an Underwater Camera [VIDEO]