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Ice Fishing Safety Tips You Need to Know [VIDEO]

Winter is upon us and that means frozen lakes are full of fish, Watch this video for the basics on ice fishing safety. 

Rick Seifert, a contributing writer for The Fisherman Magazine, discusses several tips and tools regarding ice fishing safety.

You can never be too careful, so get a quick refresher course on everything you need to know about ice fishing safety in this brief and informative video.

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Be sure to check the thickness of the ice as you go. Like Seifert said, it needs to be at least three inches thick. Smooth ice can be problematic, so check into getting a pair of ice cleats to ensure good traction on those frozen waters.

In case you or someone you’re with falls through the ice, be sure to have 100 feet of rope and a pair of ice safety picks to get them or yourself out of the cold water.

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Ice Fishing Safety Tips You Need to Know [VIDEO]