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Ice Fishing Perch Under Frozen Lake Simcoe [VIDEO]

ice fishing perch

This GoPro video of ice fishing perch under Lake Simcoe is beautiful.

GoPro allows us to look places we’ve never really seen before, like underwater, to see what it’s like going ice fishing perch.

In this video, the perch are sitting around under the ice in Lake Simcoe in Ontario. The water is clear enough to see several feet away in the neon green water.


You can see perch almost everywhere, just hanging out. The lure doesn’t get much action because the fish are so calm and generally uninterested.

This GoPro video gives us an amazing view into the underwater action when the lake is frozen over.

Perch are a hard catch, but make for really tasty eating. They go for a variety of bait including minnows, worms, maggots, goldfish, and even pieces of raw bacon!

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Ice Fishing Perch Under Frozen Lake Simcoe [VIDEO]