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Why is the Ice Fishing Business So Hot?

The ice fishing business has seen a boost recently, helped in part by some record-breaking cold weather and amazingly hi-tech gear. shared a detailed look at the big business developing within the ice fishing industry. They spoke with the owner of Marine General Supply in Duluth, Minnesota, where demand for gear has been through the roof.

Thanks to low temperatures that produced plenty of ice, General Supply has sold the majority of its ice augers, shacks and sonar equipment. It’s worth pointing out that such products often cost upwards of $500-1,000, which has led to a large increase in total money spent on ice fishing gear.

The American Sportfishing Association has said that around $260 million was spent on ice fishing in 2012, an increase of 10 percent from the year before. Augers and shelters accumulated the majority of the money.

With warmer fishing shelters, advanced sonor and fishfinding technology, and easy-to-operate augers, ice fishing has become more accepting to those who were previously turned off by the often cold and uncomfortable conditions.

Still, with no need for a boat, ice fishing can end up being less expensive of a hobby than summer fishing. Without a doubt, ice fishing is growing and will continue to do so.

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Why is the Ice Fishing Business So Hot?