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Ice Fisherman Catches State Record Perch On A Lake That's Offering Up Some Jumbo Perch

An Idaho ice fisherman caught a state record perch last week on a lake that's gaining a reputation for being a trophy perch hotspot.

Last Saturday, ice angler Luke Spaete caught a state record perch during an ice fishing derby held on Lake Cascade in west central Idaho. Spaete's catch measured 2 pounds 11 ounces and measured 15 inches long, reported the Idaho Statesman. The fish just barely beat the previous state perch record of 2 pounds 9.6 ounces and 15 inches, which was set in 1976.

Prior to catching the record perch, Spaete caught two perch measuring 13 inches and 14 inches. He found the record perch using a fish finder, which showed the fish was 25 feet below the ice. Spaete caught the record perch using a Hali Sledner Spoon and a light hook. The ice fishing hole was only 8 inches, and the fish had a 13-inch girth, so Spaete had to give it a good pull to get it out.

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"It's belly and dorsal fin were scraping the sides of the 8-inch hole," Spaete said. 

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Lake Cascade is reportedly a hot spot for large perch. The standard for trophy perch is 2 pounds, and apparently a number of anglers have been pulling perch that size out of the lake.

"It's definitely a shining star," said the ice fishing derby organizer Tom McGlashen. "There isn't a perch fishery in the world that wouldn't trade for what you have there. It's a rare thing to see a place that produces 2-pound fish consistently."

Have you caught a trophy perch? How big was it? Let us know in the comments below. 


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Ice Fisherman Catches State Record Perch On A Lake That's Offering Up Some Jumbo Perch