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Ice Fish in Style in Your Very Own Snobear

The Snobear may be the ultimate ice fishing vehicle/ice fishing shack.

Looking for a way to enjoy ice fishing without braving the cold or walking long distances on slippery ice? Check out the Snobear. It’s part snowmobile, part ice fishing shack, and 100 percent awesome.

Check out the video to see a Snobear decked out in a paint scheme that’s perfect for Tony the Tiger and prepare to want one of your own.

The machine’s tracks distribute the weight to less than one pound per square inch, providing safety on the ice, while the built in ice fishing holes and forced air heating system let you ice fish in comfort. Add the optional fold down bunks and you won’t even have to go home when it’s time to go to bed.

I’ve seen some pretty wild wintertime transportation devices and lots of nifty ice fishing shacks, but the Snobear combines the two into something totally different.

The only catch is the price. A new Snobear will run you a minimum of $67,900, but if you spend your entire winter on the ice, the comfort and mobility might be worth the cost.

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Ice Fish in Style in Your Very Own Snobear