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Ice Boulders Wash Up on Lake Michigan Shore [VIDEO]

Just in case you thought it was safe to go outside, well… it probably is now. That was not the case earlier this week though, when the majority of the US was hunkered down as tight as can be in record-breaking low temperatures.

Lake Michigan is known for its frigid waters, but for some folks this is a shocking sight to see. The video, uploaded from Glen Arbor, Michigan, shows a natural occurrence called ‘ice boulders’ which occur in sub-freezing temperatures. From the video’s caption:

Ice boulders have returned to Lake Michigan in Glen Arbor. The giant ice balls form in just-below-freezing water and start as small chunks of ice. The boulders grow layer-by-layer, getting shaped [by] the waves before washing up on [the] Lake Michigan shore.

Ice Boulders on Lake Michigan Shore:

You might be thinking, “Yikes!” after watching that video, but rest assured this is only temporary. Once the waters decide to warm in mid-August Lake Michigan will be a balmy 33 degrees again.

I’m kidding, but seriously Lake Michigan, you are one cold body of water. Signed, a former Chicago resident.

Have you ever encountered ‘ice boulders’ during your days on the water? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Ice Boulders Wash Up on Lake Michigan Shore [VIDEO]