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Ice Auger Gone Wild on Fishing Trip

ice auger

Check out this hilarious video of an ice fisherman losing control of his ice auger while drilling a hole in the surface of a frozen lake.

We've all been there. We've all had a seemingly easy task go wrong in an unexpected and sometimes embarrassing way. This time the task was drilling a fishing hole on a frozen lake with an ice auger. Unfortunately for this angler, he lost control of said auger and the entire thing was caught on video.

Things seem to start heading south almost immediately once the angler starts using the ice auger to drill. It instantly starts wobbling and doesn't let up at all. Then the angler makes the mistake of pulling the ice auger from the hard water without full control of it. By then, the angler loses even more control'll have to watch the video to see what happens next.

Although this ice auger mishap is funny to watch, no power tool should ever be taken lightly and the angler is lucky that he didn't get injured while trying to stop the auger. This video goes to show how important knowledge on how to use any tool is before trying to use it and how handy a kill switch can really be when things go wrong.


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Ice Auger Gone Wild on Fishing Trip