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Debuted at ICAST: New Shimano Caius Reel is Here

If you love fishing, the new Shimano reel might be your next purchase. The new Caius is here.

Shimano is at it again and you can expect to see another great piece of equipment on the shelves very soon. The best part about it is that it will be at a very affordable price of $79.99.

New for 2016, the Caius 150 A was redesigned with a very aggressive look and with the latest VBS braking system. Shimano is hoping to change the game on entry level bait-casters. An awesome new look, cheap price, and incredible casting distance makes it a must have for your tackle next year.

Don't worry, they come in both types, left and right handed. So there is no reason for you not to get one. The Caius is a 6:3:1 gear ratio reel and has a 65% gear strength increase over the previous generation of reels.

Power grip handles  and all, this reel is built for some big hook sets that you will need when dragging in those lunkers. What we are trying to say is that no bass is safe.

Check out the video if there is anything else you think you would like to know.

Cool new look, increased performance, and affordable price...need we say more?


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Debuted at ICAST: New Shimano Caius Reel is Here