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Why I Do Hope Someone Tries to Shoot Me


Coming on the heels of the Brussels terrorist attack, the Yankee Marshal lays down a pretty sensible response to the situation. He hopes someone tries to shoot him!

One thing that many gun owners have heard from the anti-gun nut crowd is that we wish someone would try to shoot us. We wish that there would be a confrontation so that we could play the hero and “take down” the bad guy. Well, of course nobody ever hopes for such a scenario – it’s absurd!

But if such a scenario were to play out, it would be better if the evil-doer were to use a gun, allowing us gun owners a chance to fight back and possibly win the confrontation, as opposed to what occured in Brussels.

If, for example, such a person had it in mind to kill a number of people, would not it be better if that person chose a firearm with which to perform their dastardly deed. At least with that scenario a person equipped with a gun – a conceal carrier – could have a fighting chance to stay alive.

Unlike, say, what happened in Belgium the other day, where terrorists used a bomb to wreak their bloody havoc. A bomb was the terrorists’ weapon of choice there. There is no way to prepare for something like a bomb. There is no way to confront it, no way to challenge it, and no way to defeat it.

If a mass killer uses a bomb, there is nothing that can be done to potentially defeat the bomb. If the bomb goes off, and you’re in the vicinity, you are a victim, plain and simple.

But if the mass killer uses a firearm, then that is a very different scenario. Now you, as a gun carrying person yourself, do have the potential to fight against it and possibly even win. You are no longer relegated to being solely a victim. You have options.

So, if a killer is intent on killing, the Yankee Marshal says – and I agree with him – that he hopes it will be with a firearm, which you can fight back against, and not a bomb or car or something that you cannot fight back against.

This is something to consider, and is another very real and legitimate reason to encourage people to carry a firearm.



Yankee Marshal’s ‘Mostest Best’ Conceal Carry Gun!

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Why I Do Hope Someone Tries to Shoot Me