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Our Hypothetical Fishing Holiday Wish List

What is on your fishing holiday wish list?

While we have many thoughts on how fishing can be improved, these seven holiday fishing wishes would make the top of the list.

1. Landing some record sized fish.


We all dream of the big ones as we sit back and fish. How many of us actually get to land those giant fish that could land a record? Not many.

At least we are catching plenty of great memories.

2. No more natural or unnatural fish kills.

Those fish are better doing just about anything other than rotting on the shoreline.

3. Better fisheries.

Here along the Lake Erie coastline, anglers used to limit out in a day decades ago.

bearded man in a blue baseball cap on the river throws a spinning fishing

Now, anglers really need boats to make great catches. This is not just a local story but we hear it from anglers around the country, too. Access to high-quality fisheries is at a premium.

We just flat out wish every fishing spot was a hot one. Is that too much to ask?

4. Lower tackle prices.


Remember how cheap prices were on sporting goods back years ago? We do too.

5. American made fishing gear.

It is out there, but harder to find.

6. Return of the Mom and Pop gun and tackle shop.


Most of us have great memories learning our outdoor trades talking with the seasoned hunters and fishermen. The tales just got longer with every visit.

7. If money was no object...

Would you own your own trout club? Maybe a fishing charter service? Why not a float plane service up in Alaska for some serious adventures? These are the dreams of outdoorsmen and women in times of boredom.

What are your holiday fishing wishes?

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Our Hypothetical Fishing Holiday Wish List