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HydroWave Announces Fishing Scholarship


Finally, a fishing scholarship! 

HydroWave, makers of an electronic underwater feeding stimulator designed to create the sounds of a fish feeding frenzy, has just announced a college fishing scholarship. This will be an annual award with the first scholarship being granted on August 15, 2015.

If you are currently on a college fishing team, you are eligible. The recipient must also demonstrate a high level of community service, outstanding academic achievement, campus leadership, and be enrolled full time as a student. If this sounds like you, apply right here for a single award of $1,500.

“HydroWave has supported college bass fishing since our beginning back in 2011 and wanted to further extend our commitment to the next generation of competitors in the sport,” said Gene Eisenmann, Managing Partner HydroWave LLC. “I’m inspired by the passion and dedication of these students and wanted to reward them for their excellence.”

On top of winning the award, the winner’s fishing team will also receive a free HydoWave H2.

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HydroWave Announces Fishing Scholarship