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Husband Fatally Shoots Wife Attempting to Save Her from Grizzly Rampage

A grizzly rampage goes from bad to tragically worse. 

In heartbreaking news coming out of Canada, police reports indicate that a man accidently shot his wife in the chest while trying to save her from an attacking grizzly bear. During the midst of the attack, the grizzly rampage went from the house, to their cars, and eventually ended with one fatality.

Matthias Liniger and his wife, Claudia Huber, were enjoying some time at home when a grizzly starting circling their house in the Yukon, searching for their barking dog. According to sources, the bear then crashed into their home through a window. Both Liniger and Huber ran outside and took cover inside two separate vehicles. This is where things took a turn for the worse.

Liniger began honking his horn to scare the bear away. The diversion worked, but while Huber was trying to leave her vehicle and get inside Liniger’s, the bear was able to grab her. Liniger then ran inside their home and grabbed his rifle. By the time Liniger was able to bring the bear down, it had drug Huber over 60 feet. He also discovered that a bullet he had fired at the bear had also struck his wife in the chest.

In this recording, you can hear a recount of the events from Liniger, himself.

An autopsy report was just released indicating that Huber’s cause of death was by gunshot, and not by the wounds of the attack. However, her wounds were life threatening and severe.

“What transpired at that property on that day was an absolute, catastrophic collision of events,” said Kirsten Macdonald, Yukon’s chief coroner, according to the CBC.

Reports also indicate that Huber attempted to play dead during the attack. It was concluded that during this attempt for evasion, the bear was actually able to grab her and inflict massive damage. It was at this point that Liniger fired multiple shots, eventually stopping the bear, but not before accidentally shooting his wife.

Despite ongoing bad advice, one should never play dead during a predatory bear attack, such as this. The only course of action is to try and fight back, masking as much noise as possible.

Our hearts go out to the family.


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Husband Fatally Shoots Wife Attempting to Save Her from Grizzly Rampage