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HuntStand Lite App Review [PICS]

Everything you need to manage your land and plan your hunting trips can now fit in the palm of your hand, and it's completly free!

Huntstand Lite app by TerraStride is an incredible tool to have with you for hunting and land management. Its many features will help you year-round, even in areas with little or no cell service. The app is an extension of the online service that allows you to share information with your friends, clients or hunting club.

With the many icons available, you are able to map everything from stand placements, animal harvests, and hazards on the property. Syncing the maps allows you to keep up to date data when things change on the property or a task needs to be done.

You can indicate that a feeder is low and mark it with a task, sync it to your hunting club so the next person out knows to bring in some corn. The possibilities in this app are endless.


The measurement tools allow you to accurately measure distance and measure acreage. Distance between stands, ranging a shot or knowing how much seed to pick up for the food plot can now be done from anywhere.



The weather data in the app will save the latest sync so you will have 72 hours of weather predictions avalible offline. The Hunt Zone and Landing Zone show you which way the wind will blow at what time, allowing you to pick the best stand or duck blind.



You can survey your land while at home with the ability to switch to a topographical map you can plan the best place to hunt. Having the HuntStand app on your smart phone is the best tool for land management and hunting for you and others.

It allows you to carry the knowledge of others in the palm of your hand giving you a time-saving advantage in the woods. Never again do you have to say, "I put the stand in that one tree that's over the one hill where I saw that deer that one time, you know the one with the crooked branch."

HuntStand Lite is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

All images via Huntstand


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HuntStand Lite App Review [PICS]