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HuntSoft Launches Hunting Tracker App

hunting tracker app

Louisiana-based HuntSoft has launched a hunting tracker app.

Smartphones are entering the hunting community with the new app, HuntSoft. The app, which is currently available for iPhone, Android and the Windows Phone, allows hunters to gather and track data about their hunting locations. This hunting tracker app also gives hunters the opportunity to record weather, game sightings, map their specific locations and more.

The app can accompany trail cameras in order to gather the most useful hunting information. Being able to track data in this manner can help hunters predict game paths and patterns.

The most basic version of the app is available for free, and premium features are available to those who purchase the full app.

HuntSoft hit the nail on the head with this one. Sign up for free and give it a try!

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HuntSoft Launches Hunting Tracker App