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Hunting Works for Oregon Group Forms to Promote Hunting


In an effort to promote hunting and recreational shooting, a group of business owners, officials and sporting organizations have formed Hunting Works for Oregon.

Early in December, Hunting Works for Oregon became an official organization. Designed to help promote hunting and the economic business it brings, the group unites local and regional officials, business owners, retailers and sporting organizations throughout the state to stand together as a unified voice in support of hunters and shooters.

Like many other places, Oregon has seen a decline in the amount of hunters, both those already within Oregon and those visiting the state. The number of hunters in Oregon has dropped 17 percent since 2006, and the decrease has hurt local economies that rely on hunters and their business for revenue.

Hunters buy more than just licenses; on average, the typical hunter spends more than $1,200 a year, making hunting extremely good for the economy. Oregon businesses, from restaurants to lodging and retail, receive more than $238 million a year from hunters, and the state earns another $27 million in taxes.

More than 60 organizations have partnered with Hunting Works for Oregon, and the plan is to monitor public policy issues and decisions, especially those that involve hunting and shooting sports. The group also wants to put initiatives in place that educate the public about how much hunting does for the community and the economy.

“I became a co-chair of Hunting Works for Oregon because I am very passionate about sportsmen’s issues, and I believe it’s our responsibility to preserve and protect the right to hunt, fish and trap for our future generations,” State Rep. Sal Esquivel, co-chair of the Oregon Sportsman’s Caucus and Hunting Works For Oregon, told reporters.

For more information about Hunting Works for Oregon, check out the organization’s website: Hunting Works for OR.

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Hunting Works for Oregon Group Forms to Promote Hunting