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The Challenge of Hunting With a Handgun

Hunting with a handgun puts a whole new level of skill to the outdoor experience. 

Hunting with a handgun is a skill that makes the avid hunter an even more skilled outdoorsman.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

Small game hunting with a handgun is a great way to get out in the field and utilize something other than your rifle or bow, and still feel the thrill of the experience.

Concealment is an extremely important subject to address. A good full covering camouflage pattern that blends in with the environment must be picked with good judgment. There are a wide variety of patterns to choose from, and many manufacturers make those patterns in your choice of garments.

Do not forget to wear camouflaged gloves and a head net to cover your face. The glint off the face or hands is a danger signal for all game animals within sight.

Wear footwear that you can walk almost silently in. After a rain is a great time to sneak up on critters, as the normally crunchy dry leaves and twigs are quieter, or you may quietly sit concealed against a tree and let the game come to you.

Deer hunting? Handguns are almost perfect for sitting in a treestand. To put it simply, handguns stay out of the way until you need them.


My favorite handgun for small game hunting is a Stevens model 35 offhand single shot in .22 long rifle caliber with a tip up barrel. It will accept any cartridge from .22 short, .22 long or .22 long rifle cartridges and this enables the author to adjust the load power for different game.

This model has a longer barrel and a weighted, thicker grip to improve offhand (one handed) competition target shooting that was popular almost a century ago, when the pistol was manufactured. It has true rifle sights and a light trigger pull, making those precise shots easier than those other handguns with bulkier combat style sights. This old gun can shoot the tightest groups I have ever shot with a handgun, and can outshoot my abilities with ease.

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Hunting with a handgun can be very challenging but equally as rewarding when you come home successful.

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The Challenge of Hunting With a Handgun