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Hunting Turkeys with Blake Shelton Looks Like Fun [VIDEO]

Blake Shelton is best known for his singing, but he’s a pretty good turkey hunter too.

Watch as Blake Shelton and Matt Morrett hunt Blake’s Oklahoma ranch, kill a turkey, and have a great time. You’ll also get a chance to hear Blake Shelton’s renditions of a couple Craig Morgan tunes.

Nice turkey Blake!

This hunt is a good reminder to keep things fun in the spring turkey woods whether we are winning or losing to these elusive birds. I can’t say I’ve ever broken into song when a group of jakes approached, but sharing a hunt and a few laughs with a buddy always makes for a memorable day afield.

I’m guessing Blake Shelton’s busy schedule as a judge on The Voice, a Nashville recording artist, and a Pizza Hut spokesman doesn’t leave much time for turkey hunting, but maybe when things cool down a little he can go for the grand slam. He’s 1/4 of the way there.

Tune in to The Voice on NBC Monday (May 18) to see Blake perform with his latest protege or go to to view tour dates, listen to music, or just see what Blake is up to.

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Hunting Turkeys with Blake Shelton Looks Like Fun [VIDEO]