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What Are You Hunting This Year?

Image via Facebook/Hunting

Fall is an amazing time of the year for hunting in America.

There are so many options available for hunting, fishing, or just being outdoors as we head into fall and winter.KCHO-mrec

For many of you, deer hunting is what you have waited all year for. For others it may be game such as bear, moose, or elk, or things like fall turkey hunting, game birds, waterfowl, or even squirrel.

You have so many decisions to make about what to spend your limited fall season hunting and then you have to decide how to do it. There are decisions to make regarding what you will use to bring down your game rifles, shotguns, even handguns, or archery, compound, recurve, or longbow.

As well as the choice of how to do your hunting; ground blind, treestand, run-and-gun, etc . . .

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So with all these choices and decisions to be made, what type of hunting will you be doing this year? Here is your chance to tell us about your choice in game, gear, and strategy. Let us know in the comments below.

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What Are You Hunting This Year?