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Hunting The Rut: What to Do and What Not to Do [VIDEO]

 Check out this excellent video that shows what to expect when hunting the rut. has some great tips for hunting the rut this year. Receptive does behave very differently compared to when they are not receptive, and you can bet bucks will have one thing on their mind, and it isn't staying clear of hunters.

Find out what the right way to approach the rut is.

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What a buck is really like during the rut

During the peak of the rut, does are the primary attractant. Hunters should adjust their hunting strategies appropriately for this occasion. The best thing to do is find an area where you find does.

An experienced hunter knows that a receptive doe is likely to seek cover from a group of bucks. This means that you're more likely to find a big buck in dense brush than out in the open.

This video was very informational and they captured some great shots.

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Hunting The Rut: What to Do and What Not to Do [VIDEO]