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Hunting Was Supposed to be Automatic By Now

Photobucket/HH Clark

Luckily, they were wrong about the future of hunting. According to them, hunting was supposed to be automatic by now.

Wondrous predictions about the future have been around since modern man was first able to read and write. Some predictions, such as Leonardo Davinci’s drawing of a helicopter centuries before technology could create a working model, are actually correct. What about Nostradamus and all his famous prophecies that seem shockingly accurate?

Luckily, when outdoorsmen from the turn of the century tried to predict the future of hunting, they really missed the boat, big time. Take for example this scanned photo of the May 1922 issue of Science Invention Magazine.


What you are looking at is a contraption designed to remotely fire buck shot from an anchored position at animals eating from a bait pile. Yep, the stuff that fills PETA’s nightmares. Don’t just take my word for it, read this excerpt from the same piece below.

“A piece of steel adapted to hold a buckshot cartridge is clamped to any immovable object such as the limb of a tree, and directed toward bait placed on another branch. If desirable, several of these steel barrels may be employed. The cartridge is then perforated near its powdered end, and two small nails or pieces of pointed metal rod are inserted. Copper wires are twisted around these nails, and then brought downward along the trunk of the tree. At the root of the tree a one-quarter inch spark coil is secured, and the wires from the cartridge are attached to the secondary terminals. A storage battery is placed alongside of the spark coil or dry cells may be employed. Two wires then lead away to the distant key. The birds may now be observed thru telescopes, field glasses, or just the naked eye, and the key pressed pronto!”

Who knows? Maybe something like this is just right around the corner. Who saw scouting with personal drones coming?

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Hunting Was Supposed to be Automatic By Now