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These Hunting Stereotypes Are Hilariously True [VIDEO]

Here are some common hunting stereotypes and boy are they funny, mostly because they’re true. 

The folks at Dude Perfect are no strangers to making comical hunting videos, but this one really hits home for the hunting community.

Watch this video and I promise you’ll laugh.

Which hunting stereotypes do you fall under? I’ll admit that I’m guilty of the “It’s all about the angle” stereotype.

However, I can easily identify other hunting buddies who fall under the various other hunting stereotypes.

Some of the other true, but hilarious, stereotypes most hunters have experienced is “The Can I bring My Dog Guy.”

We all know a guy who doesn’t have the best behaved dog, but insists that their four-legged friend tag along.

Dude Perfect did such a good job of including the various hunting stereotypes in the world of hunting.

Share this with your hunting buddies and be sure to let ’em know which stereotype they fall under.

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These Hunting Stereotypes Are Hilariously True [VIDEO]