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Hunting Spring Gobblers: A Way to Extend Your Season

Now’s the chance to get out and start hunting spring gobblers.

I was watching a television show titled “The Carolina Outdoor Journal” the other evening, and they had short piece on turkey hunting that really caught my attention.

If you are like me, you are an avid hunter who anxiously awaits the opening day of whitetail deer season each fall, which progresses into dove season, grouse season, squirrel season, rabbit season, etc.

However, the legal season for each of those game species ends in either late fall or early winter and by the time the severe cold sets in, there is nothing more for us to hunt until the next fall.

But, according to the show, most of the lower 48 states now have sustainable wild turkey populations, and North Carolina happens to have more of them than any other state!

Therefore, most states either already have, or are in the process of, creating a spring turkey hunting season.

For those of us who tend to be a bit fanatical about hunting, we now have a most wary and most worthy new game species to hunt as well as a whole new season to hunt them in!

Trust me, turkey hunting is no easy matter. In fact, if you think hunting whitetails is frustrating, then you might not want to take up turkey hunting because their hearing is excellent and their eyesight is the envy of eagles.

Not only do they have the ability to hear you disengage the safety on your shotgun or draw your bow, they can detect the slightest movement at amazing distances, and it is imperative that you already be in position for the shot then the bird struts in.

In fact, it is these very qualities that make spring turkeys such an exciting to game species to hunt to so many people.

Fortunately, in order to pursue this sport, you probably don’t need much more gear than you already have. A 12 gauge shotgun chambered for 3″ shells (3 1/2″ is unnecessary), camouflage for your gun, head to toe to fingertip camouflage for your body, one or more turkey decoys, and a set of turkey calls will do the job.

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Plus, you may or may not choose to employ a portable blind as some hunters do. If you intend to hunt them with a shotgun (the most popular method by far), then you can usually dispense with a blind as long as you have camouflage that is appropriate to the foliage you are hunting in. But, if you are hunting them with a bow, then a portable blind is a must have item.

So, if you want to extend your hunting season, you should definitely consider giving spring turkey hunting a try. Share a comment below if you’ve already been successful this season. 

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Hunting Spring Gobblers: A Way to Extend Your Season