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Hunting South Africa with a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm: Ethical or Not? [VIDEO]

Hunting South Africa With A TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm Ethical Or Not

These guys went hunting in South Africa with a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm and made some long range shots. Do you think that these shots were ethical?

These gentlemen traveled to South Africa's East Cape Province to put their TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm to the test with some extended range shooting. As you can see, they successfully connected on some shots at ranges between 300 and 1,100 yards, but was what they did ethical?

The TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm system is a very advanced (and very expensive) piece of technology that is designed to allow shooters to make long range shots with ease. It contains a computer that calculates a ballistic solution based on a number of factors including the specific bullet load, range, weapon cant, and wind.

It also contains an integrated camera that captures still photographs and video from the scope, which can then be transferred to a tablet, smartphone, or even a proprietary set of space-age shooting glasses.

Check out the video to see how they did on their hunt with a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm.

While the technology present in a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm is certainly impressive, and is ideal for military snipers, I'm not a big fan of using it for hunting because I feel like it encourages hunters to take shots at too far of a distance.

Even if the shooter does everything 100 percent correct, which is a lot easier with a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm, shots at really long range still have lots of opportunity for something to go wrong, such as the wind shifting or the animal moving, which can result in a wounded animal.

For instance, with the shot on the kudu at the beginning of the video, the bullet hit over a foot too far back, probably due to a miscalculation on wind speed. Luckily, it hit high and cut the spine. Otherwise, that would have been a wounded animal maybe never recovered.

I think that the TrackingPoint Precision Guided firearm is a great piece of technology. However, I think it is more appropriate for the shooting range and in the hands of the military than on a hunting trip. Just my two cents...unfortunately it looks like TrackingPoint is having some financial difficulties and closing their doors.

But what do you think? Was this hunting trip using a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm unethical?

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Hunting South Africa with a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm: Ethical or Not? [VIDEO]