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Hunting in Slovenia: The Trip No One's Talking About... Yet

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Slovenia boasts some amazing terrain, with the Alps running right across its northern border. Hunting in this country may be the ultimate trip.

Slovenia, formally part of Yugoslavia, has been on the tourism radar for its convenient spot on the map. The country officially seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991 and fortunately did not experience war as harshly as the rest of the Yugoslavian countries did. This country is really incredible, bordering Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. And I am not saying this just because I am Slovene.

Their northern border is almost naturally marked by the Julian Alps; Slovenia is aptly nicknamed "The Sunny Side of the Alps." Leave it to the tourism board to include every activity you can think of, even hunting.

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An outfitter company, Hunting in Slovenia, provides access with experienced hunting guides to hunt chamois, alpine ibex, deer, roebuck and mouflon on their national hunting land. According to the website:

Chamois living in Slovenia pride themselves with strong horns, thus it is quite easy to hunt a chamois with 90-100 CIC points... Hunters from all over Europe, who have experienced hunting in Slovenia, claim there is no place more beautiful for chamois, ibex or alpine stag hunting.

The hunting company offers cabins on their land and also access to hunting small game like pheasants, rabbits, or partridges. They also offer fishing trips at nearby lakes and rivers that host Danube salmon, grayling and trout.

The country of two million hosts 23,000 hunters and are truly a people still connected to the land. Driving through the country, you'll see cows dotting the lush mountainsides and hay drying in the fields. Slovenia is known for its honey, due to its ancient bee raising techniques using colorful bee boxes.

Slovenia really is still an incredibly wild country in the middle of Europe, and you won't yet see the throngs of tourists. Among the lesser known overseas hunting locations, Slovenia might just be the perfect choice.

Maybe I shouldn't be letting anyone in on this secret...

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Hunting in Slovenia: The Trip No One's Talking About... Yet