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Why a Hunting Shotgun is a Must Have

Warning! A hunting shotgun can increase the weight of your game bag.

Hunting with a shotgun allows the hunter to have a larger chance at hitting moving game at a short distance. Whether the game of choice is on the wing or is a quick mover on four legs, there are multiple loads that are tailor made for that animal.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

If you’re early-season hunting in the fall for such species as tree squirrels, there are a large amount of leaves on the trees still and observing game, much less getting a shot at those quick rascals, is sometimes a lesson in futility.

The rifleman may wait and never get a clean shot at the vitals of the animal. With a shotgun, when the squirrel is positively identified high up in the tree, the shot pattern will make up for the leaf cover.

Rabbits and game birds require quick shooting, as they do not stay in one place long. A shotgun allows the hunter to kick up the game animal of choice and take a poke at it while it is in range. If the shot is true, the hunter will be eating well that night.

Rifle shooting at a game bird is a really big safety no-no, and also is illegal in many states. Stick with that quick handling shotgun.

Big game can be handled with everything from buckshot for closer ranges to sabot slugs fired in a fully rifled shotgun barrel for longer range. Brenneke shotgun slugs are used for brown bear protection in Alaska, and are well suited for that close-in personal safety duty. Make sure you check the game regulations of your state before you head out.

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My favorite hunting shotgun is a Stoeger Coachgun in 12 gauge. It has twenty inch barrels, double triggers, a tang safety and an improved cylinder choked barrel, along with a modified choked barrel. I can choose the improved cylinder choked barrel(for closer shots) at a quick notice, or the modified choked barrel (for the longer shots). The shotgun is light to carry and is quick to get into action.

If you are not a shotgun hunter, you should look at starting soon. This very versatile firearm can get you action in many different seasons with just a switch of the ammunition.

Thoughts or comments on hunting with a shotgun? Post them below.

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Why a Hunting Shotgun is a Must Have