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Hunting in the Rain: Tips for Tracking and Finding Your Deer

Nothing is more discouraging than a hunt being ruined by bad weather, but with these tips you can fight the frustration.

Between dealing with slippery terrain, soaked clothes and losing your blood trail after a shot, the list of excuses not to hunt in the rain grows longer and longer.

But, with good preparation and a few insider tricks, rainy days may turn into your best harvests!

1. Wet and Dangerous Conditions

Flickr/Flood G.

Whether it’s a muddy downhill walk or slippery steps climbing to your stand, the rain can cause all kinds of challenges to those who face the elements. Make sure your boots have good traction and practice extra caution when making your way to your spot.

On the plus side, the soppy leaves will makes your steps much less detectable to the game you’re after!

2. Waterproof Gear

Hunting Clothes

While it may seem obvious, rainproof gear is a hunter’s best friend. Invest in quality attire that will keep you dry and help you trek through the woods.

A lot of waterproof clothing is also scent-fighting. Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing clothes that benefit you in more ways than one.

3. Tracking Blood

Deer Blood

A good blood trail is an essential tool for every hunter, particularly during bow season. Often times, a clean shot with a rifle or shotgun will stop a deer in its tracks. However, when hunting with a bow, or if you miss your mark, it can be a challenge to track and find your deer.

This challenge becomes even harder when the rain washes away your blood trail. When hunting in the rain, be patient and wait for that close and accurate shot. Once you make your shot, watch the deer for as long as you can and mark your spot.

If the blood is being washed away, take a section at a time looking under leaves and sticks for any sign of your game.

Although they often bed-down during stormy weather, deer also get up to look for food and better shelter.

There are only so many things you can control while afield, but those you can will make a huge difference if you find yourself hunting in the rain.

Don’t let the rain stop you from doing what you love!

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Hunting in the Rain: Tips for Tracking and Finding Your Deer