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The Pros and Cons of Hunting Public Land

The pros and cons of hunting public land include, in Randy Newberg's opinion, far more positives than negatives. You might say it's your patriotic duty!

Do your patriotic duty to hunt public land! But seriously, public lands are your lands. These lands are there for you to use and enjoy. If you're a citizen of the USA or of your state, then by all means make use of the public lands that are there for you.

In this short video Randy Newberg gives you the short list of positives and the even shorter list of negatives (if one negative-turned-positive can honestly be called a negative) of hunting public land. Well, coming from the guru of public land hunting what do you expect?

Also, on areas that have a lot of public land, it's usually easier to get yourself a tag or tags in such places.

You don't have to worry about posted land or 'No Trespassing" signs when you're hunting public land. There is plenty of opportunity. In the West, most of the places with the most available tags are in those states with the most public land.

It's free! Hunting public land is basically free. There are no guided hunts to pay for and no trespass fees to pony up.

But even the major con - crowds - the big negative of hunting public land, can be turned into a positive. Newberg uses the hunting pressure that crowds automatically bring to his advantage. He uses that pressure, along with plenty of preseason scouting, to know where animals will be pushed to and concentrated.

Most public land hunters will hunt the easiest and most accessible areas. They'll push animals into areas that are less accessible and into places that most hunters won't go to. Newberg takes advantage of this behavior by focusing on those areas.

You can too.


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The Pros and Cons of Hunting Public Land