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Hunting Pest Birds with a .30 Caliber Air Rifle [VIDEO]

Shooting pest pigeons with a .30 caliber air rifle looks pretty fun. 

Using a very accurate large caliber air rifle, these birds really come apart from the meaty pellets.

Watch this video and see this great pest shooting action.

Pigeons are gross. They eat farmer's harvest and what they don't eat, they foul with their feces.

Using an air rifle to pick off these pest birds is great target practice. It is also pretty quiet so it does not upset the farm animals.

Watch as this shooter uses an incredibly accurate air rifle to take out these feathered pests.

Did we also mention the caliber on this air rifle is a big bore .30 caliber? Those pigeons don't stand a chance.

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Hunting Pest Birds with a .30 Caliber Air Rifle [VIDEO]