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Kansas Auction of Seized Outdoor Gear Nets Big Money [PICS]

All images via KWCH

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism netted $90,000 for the auction sale of some 100 mounted deer heads and even more antlers.

Included in the recent auction were guns, boats, jet skis, traps, and much more in the way of hunting and fishing paraphernalia.

One of the items that did not go into the auction by the order of Governor Sam Brownback was a trophy 14-point mount of a typical whitetail with antlers measuring a whopping 197 3/8. The buck in question was poached in Osage County in 2011.

Tim Nedeau, along with his family, owns the land where the deer was taken illegally and have made a claim for the mount although at this time, they have not received possession.

However, there were piles of antlers from other deer and other hunting paraphernalia.

1 Seized deer heads

Mike Charowhas, the “Antler Collector,” came all the way from Abilene, Texas to take part in the auction.

Heath Merry of Delphos, Kansas said, “I know buyers from Iowa and Colorado were there. We’ve been to some of the biggest antler auctions in the U.S., I mean big auctions. There were more people there than at some of the biggest auctions I’ve been to. It was hard to see what they were selling, there were so many people there.”

The heads that sold started from about $300. The highest amount paid for one was $2,950.

It was estimated that the trophy removed from auction would have collected at least $3,000.

Proceeds from the sale are placed into a trust fund for the wildlife department and will be allocated for things like youth hunter education.

All images via KWCH

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Kansas Auction of Seized Outdoor Gear Nets Big Money [PICS]