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Hunting Myth Buster: Will That Big Buck Walk by the Same Stand Twice? [PICS]

If hunting the same stand is your only method of deer hunting, statistics are not on your side. 

Finding hunting property can be challenging. Even when you do find property to hunt, it can be expensive to load that area down with treestands to cover every possible entry and exit route a deer could take.

However, if you are only hunting the same stand year in and year out, the odds are against you.

According to multiple studies, including this specific study backed up by the experts over at the QDMA, deer react negatively to any sort of hunting pressure at all, especially older bucks.

For this study, bucks of all different ages were GPS-tracked during a regular hunting season in a heavily hunted area. Next, harvest zones were mapped out around stands with active hunting pressure, as seen in the image below.


Finally, bucks were tracked to see how quickly they responded to hunting pressure as well as how fast they returned to an area after the hunter left.

The results concluded that after just one day of hunting pressure in a single stand, mature bucks did not enter the harvest zone around the stand for an average of three days. After those three days, buck activity seemed to return to normal, as seen below.


What all this basically says is that if you believe you will eventually cross paths with that big buck you have been seeing on a trail camera all summer by sitting in the same stand every time you go hunting, odds are, you won’t.

Of course there are exceptions. Perhaps your shot would come on the first day sitting in the stand. However, the longer your sit, the less likely it will become.

Do yourself a favor and do your best to create multiple hunting locations on your property. Also, if nothing else, hopefully you will be more aware of the impact of your presence every time you step in the woods.

All images via QDMA

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Hunting Myth Buster: Will That Big Buck Walk by the Same Stand Twice? [PICS]