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Hunting Myth Buster: Do You Need Camouflage for Deer Hunting?

Wait, are we saying you don't need camouflage for deer hunting? Yeah, we went there. 

Of all the statements a hunter can make in this day and age of social media, hunting television shows, and in-your-face advertising by big money in the hunting industry, saying you don't need camouflage for deer hunting has to be insane right?

Well, think again.

Camouflage for deer hunting hasn't always been a thing. As a matter of fact, it didn't actually become a thing until the mid '80s. It was around that time that Bill Jordan came out with some revolutionary camo patterns, and the rest is history.

However, the truth of the matter is that before Bill Jordan, people still killed a lot of deer. Most of them harvested a year's worth of food wearing flannel shirts and blue jeans, just to top it off.


The science behind not needing camo is actually very sound, however camo is still recommended by the QDMA.

In 1992, a landmark study took place that attempted to figure out exactly what deer see. The results showed that deer are red-green color blind. What this means is that deer can tell the difference between blue from red, but not green from red, or orange from red. Therefore, hunters can wear green, red, or orange and blend right in, but should stay away from blue.

Deer also can see UV light in low light hours. It was suggested in the study that, during early morning or late evening, hunters wearing UV brightening fabric cleaners might actually glow blue to the eyes of the deer.

As stated above, the scientists at the QDMA do still recommend camouflage for deer hunting, if only to break up your silhouette in your surroundings. The break up patterns do help keep you hidden. However, it ranks low on the list of reasons why you get busted by a deer. Scent is the number one reason of detection in a landslide, followed by hunter movement. Camo patterns rank somewhere after that.


Overall, there is no need to throw away all of your camo. Just make sure that what you are wearing doesn't have a ton of UV brighteners...and isn't blue. Otherwise, camo is pretty much camo, despite what the marketing department might have to say.

The next time you buy camouflage for deer hunting though, I would make sure it keeps you warm, first, then consider how well it will keep you hidden in your surroundings.

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Hunting Myth Buster: Do You Need Camouflage for Deer Hunting?