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What a Hunting Mama Wants This Mother’s Day

Need a Mother's Day gift for your hunting mama?

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Mother's day is coming up, and that means homemade cards, flowers by the dozen, and breakfast in bed for the best woman in everyone's life.

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But if your mother is a hunter, odds are there's a Mother's Day gift you can give her that would be better than all the rest of it put together.

View the photos to see the gift ideas we've picked for your hunting mama.

Fresh Earth Cover Scent Wafers

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Help your mother hide her scent with these Earth Cover Scent Wafers. Including 9 wafers and 6 pins, these could very well be the best accessory she can carry with her!

Scent Safe Travel Bag

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Just as important as what she carries around is the bag she carries it in. This nylon Scent Safe Travel Bag includes two mesh pockets, an inner liner to make it easy to rummage, and most importantly, specially formulated foil designed to lock odors in so the wildlife can't catch her scent.

Better yet, this bag includes zip-lock barrier bags to isolate specific items.

Ever Calm Deer Attractant

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Better than any perfume you could find in the convenience store, not only will this Ever Calm Deer Attractant cover her scent, it'll also attract the deer to her.

In a convenient, easy to use stick formula, this deer attractant is designed to calm deer, and give a hunter the edge they need to get as close as possible.

Three Color Camo Makeup Kit

Photo via Cabela's

Why shop for Avon, Ulta, or Maybelline when the only compact makeup kit your mother needs this mother's day is right here?!

This Three Color Camo Makeup Kit includes a mirror and three colors (brown, green, and black) to help her blend in perfectly with her surroundings.

4 in 1 Squirrel Call

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

It may not be the season for big game, but there is plenty more to hunt in the spring and summer months.

This 4 in 1 Squirrel Call imitates the bark, chatter, and distress calls of gray and fox squirrels, helping her to nab her own perfect Mother's Day gift.

Browning Sporter II Shooting Vest

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Send your mother out hunting in style this summer in a new Browning Sporter II Shooting Vest.

This polyester mesh vest is designed for both comfort and functionality. Featuring front, rear, and interior pockets, shooting patches over both shoulders, and a ventilated design, your mother will enjoy the height of functionality without burning up in the heat of summer.

Spypoint Xcel HD Hunting Action Camera

Photo via Cabela's

Odds are good your mother, like most, has the eyes of a hawk. But even she can't see everything.

Give her the edge she needs to watch her spot even when she's away with a new waterproof, remote controlled, universally mountable Spypoint Xcel HD Hunting Action Camera.

Boss Buck 350-pound Protein Feeder

Photo via Cabela's

It may not be deer season, but it's never too early to prepare.

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Give your mother the gift of future success by helping her to attract deer to her hunting spot months in advance.

With 14 gauge galvanized steel legs, 3/8" UV resistant walls, this beautiful Boss Buck Protein Feeder features five different ports designed for a deer's muzzle and can hold up to 350 pounds of corn and 250 pounds of large protein pellets.

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What a Hunting Mama Wants This Mother’s Day