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Hunting Late Season Whitetails is Easier Than You Think

Like it or not, the late season is upon us. Here are some tips to put some late season whitetails on the ground.

After the rigors of the rut and months of pressure from bow and gun hunters, late season whitetails need to feed heavily to prepare for winter. Therefore, hunting food sources in your hunting area is a no brainer — but you need to hunt the right food sources at the right time in the right way to make this strategy pay off.

Watch as the guys from “Whitetail Properties” discuss the conditions and set ups that help them tag some big late season whitetails.

These experts all agree that food is the key. Opinions vary on what the best late season food source is, but standing soybeans and corn are definitely at the top of the list.

If you are hunting in areas of dense timber where there are no ag fields or food plots, you’ll have to work a little harder to find the favored food source. Key in on areas of recent logging activity where deer will feed on leftover tops and swampy areas where vegetation stays green later in the season.

Once you’ve found the perfect feeding location, wait for a cold front, bundle up, approach from downwind, and get ready to tag a late season giant.

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Hunting Late Season Whitetails is Easier Than You Think