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Hunting is Conservation: The Ethics of Food Acquisition


Hunting is conservation, but it is also so much more than that. It is also about wholesome, natural, hormone and antibiotic free, healthful food.

"As I see the discussion pivot about hunting/non-hunting, I think part of it is people's interest in their food," say Randy Newberg. "If ever in my life I'd seen people become more interested in where their food comes from, how its acquired, what its values are, it's today."

"People want to know where their food comes from," says Melissa Bachman. "They want food that's natural, that doesn't have hormones injected, and I'm saying hunters have been doing that for hundreds of years!"

"For some people it's kind of like a bulb went off," continues Newberg. "Oh, wow! Look at this! You can get this organic, non-chemical, non-hormone food!"

Most meat found in the grocery store comes from factory farms, an inhumane way to raise animals for slaughter.

"I think we as people lose something when we stop understanding how the natural world exists," says Steve Decker, RMEF VP of Marketing. "One of my greatest fears for our society is this continual degradation of that connection."

Hunting provides countless tons - tons upon tons, millions if not billions - of pounds of food to countless people. Imagine if all of those millions of people, those hunters, suddenly had to go to the grocer to get their food. As the narrator says, "The environmental impact on our society would be staggering."

I say that it would be catastrophic. The environment would become unbalanced, with some species over-running others. Extinction would become more prevalent. Disease would run through animal populations. More land would have to be co-opted to make room for even more factory farms, which would lead to even greater habitat loss for wild species.

It would begin a downward spiral that would be catastrophic for wildlife...and for humans as well. People would be getting even more crappy, unhealthy and chemical-laden food.

It would create a negative chain reaction, the likes of which we've not seen before. We must not allow it to happen. We must continue to champion the healthy lifestyle that is hunting.

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Hunting is Conservation: The Ethics of Food Acquisition