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What’s Good About Hunting in the Snow

Hunting in the snow has many advantages.

Sure it involves braving colder temps, often different gear, and an added element of difficulty, but hunting after a snowfall is exciting, and has its benefits too. Deer hunting intensifies, but small game hunting in the snow can be really fun as well.

Tracking game animals in snow is quite easy. It is especially easy when tracking a wounded animal, but can also be used as a clean white slate to tell the hunter what animal has walked through and when it was there.

Learn the signs left in the snow and you will be a better winter hunter.

Traces in the snow

Leaf and weed cover are drastically reduced after the snow has packed it down. The hunter will see farther with better detail. Less hiding spaces equals a better bag limit.

Snow camouflage turns the hunter into a snow drift. Using a white poncho, coveralls or a white snow-patterned insulated outfit will blend the hunter into the landscape even in the open. This is a very important tool for the winter hunter to utilize.

Hunter in white camouflage suit with a sniper rifle

One nice thing is you can count on zero bugs while hunting in snow. After a hot, early fall hunt, no bugs from the freeze and precipitation is a major plus.

Oh yeah, and bye bye mud. Nobody likes dragging through mud and luckily there isn’t much left when hunting in the snow. 

The ground is frozen, and previously inaccessible hunting spots are but a tromp away. If the snow is deep, strap on cross country skis or snow shoes.

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What’s Good About Hunting in the Snow