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Hunting in Hawaii with Jim Shockey

Tag along as Jim Shockey goes hunting in Hawaii.

Jim Shockey has been hunting all over the world. He's the first person to harvest all 29 big game animals with a muzzleloader and his experiences overseas are unlike anything most sportsmen and women will ever experience. However, he's still unable to pull himself away from his bow and rifle while on a tropical vacation with his wife.

Watch the video to see what it's like hunting in Hawaii.

When most folks think of Hawaii, hunting is not the first thing that comes to mind. But, as you can see in the video, the number of species and the beauty of the terrain makes this a great place to tote a rifle or bow.

An added benefit of hunting in Hawaii is that you can combine your hunt with a family vacation that everyone can enjoy, whether they go hunting or not.

For more information on hunting opportunities in our southernmost state visit

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Hunting in Hawaii with Jim Shockey