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Hunting Hogs with a Drone in Louisiana at Night [VIDEO]

The guys at Double G Hog Control just upped their game and are now hunting hogs with a drone. Check out the video to see this how this is changing the game.

Just to clarify: though the guys at Double G Hog Control are hunting hogs with a drone, they are only using it to help spot the hogs at this point. They still do all their shooting with rifles sporting thermal optics.

However, by equipping the drone with a thermal camera, they have the ability to cover a tremendous amount of ground and see much farther than they could using their handheld thermal optics.

Not surprisingly, that makes it much easier for them to find hogs at night and maneuver on them to get a shot.

Obviously, this is a game changer. As this technology gets more advanced, life is going to get very difficult for the hogs as nighttime, one of their last remaining sanctuaries, gets taken away from them.

Keep up the good work, guys!

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Hunting Hogs with a Drone in Louisiana at Night [VIDEO]