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Hunting Guide Rescues Three Orphaned Kodiak Bear Cubs [PICS]

All images via KTUU

Three four-month old kodiak bear cubs were on the brink of death before being rescued and taken in by a hunting guide.

On May 1, an unguided hunter killed the mother of the three bear cubs, and though hunting Kodiak bears is perfectly legal during May, the killing of a sow with cubs is not. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game have started investigating the incident.

Luckily, a hunting guide, not affiliated with the hunter in question, stumbled upon the four-month old bear cubs when they were in desperate need of help.


Biologist Nate Svoboda, with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said that without this hunting guide's rescue efforts, the bears "probably wouldn't have lasted another day."

Four-month old cubs are still entirely dependent on their mother for survival.

bear rescue 1

The Fish and Game Department made a statement to the media on Friday saying that the cubs are now safe and sound at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage.

"The cubs were fed, given physical examinations, and a safe place to rest for the evening before receiving a complimentary flight Thursday morning to Anchorage via the Alaska Airlines 737-400 'Spirit of Alaska.'"

We are all human, and hunters can make mistakes, but it's best to know exactly what you should be hunting along with what you should not be hunting, before you head out on your expedition.

Hats off to the hunting guide for rescuing these bear cubs.

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Hunting Guide Rescues Three Orphaned Kodiak Bear Cubs [PICS]