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Hunting Group Submits 374K Signatures to Thwart Michigan Wolf Hunt Ban

Supporters of the Michigan wolf hunt are calling on the state Legislature to bypass a wolf hunt ban on an upcoming ballot.

On Tuesday, Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management turned in more than 374,000 petition signatures to the Michigan Secretary of State headquarters, hoping to bring the Michigan wolf hunt before state lawmakers.

According to the Associated Press, the petition calls for citizen-imitated legislation that would cancel two referendums on the November ballot that intend to ban the wolf hunting in Michigan.

The proposed law would give the state Natural Resources Commission the authority to designate wolves as a game species and schedule wolf hunting seasons.

Michigan’s Secretary of State will review the petition. If they approve, the measure will move to the state Legislature, where lawmakers will have 40 days to vote on it. If they turn it down, the measure will go to voters in November.

A number of pro-hunting groups supported the bill, including Safari Club International, the Michigan Bear Hunter Conservation and Michigan United Conservation Clubs, according to

Last year, Michigan opened their first-ever wolf hunting season in three regions of the state’s Upper Peninsula, where there are an estimated 636 wolves.

Wolves were listed an endangered species in the state nearly 40 years ago.

Wildlife advocates have criticized the hunt, arguing that wolf populations are too low for the state to consider them fair game for hunting.

Supporters of the wolf hunt argue that wolves are a threat to game species, livestock and residents of the Upper Peninsula.

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Hunting Group Submits 374K Signatures to Thwart Michigan Wolf Hunt Ban