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Do You Use a Hunting Good Luck Charm?

Torin Miller

Almost everyone has a good luck charm of some sort, and most hunters are no different.

A good luck charm is a simple thing, but one the superstitious dare not be caught without. “Better lucky than good,” goes the old adage after all.

I wouldn’t describe myself as overly superstitious, but there are a few items that always come with me into the woods. It doesn’t just stop at tangibles, though. I also have a series of pre-hunt rituals.

Like I said, I’m not overly superstitious. I am a creature of habit, and I do follow patterns. I attribute this partially to the fact that I’m a hunter. Hunters follow routines, track patterns and often attribute success or failure to the same.

The first item I began carrying religiously is an old Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrow that belonged to my late father. He passed from brain cancer when I was 16. The next fall, I harvested my first buck, and with a bow.

That arrow finds its way into my quiver every fall. He was my hunting mentor and hunting buddy, and it’s my way of physically bringing him along now that he’s gone.

The second item, which I began carrying a few years ago, is my father’s old Scott release. It’s old, and beat up, but the leather strap is still intact. I actually like it better than other, more modern releases I’ve tried. It’s slim, lightweight, and fool-proof. But most importantly, it was his.

I’ve released a few arrows that have found their mark with it, and, God willing, I’ll be doing so for years to come.

As for pre-hunt rituals, I have two. The first stems from a tradition my father started. Each year on the night before the archery opener, my father would insert his broadheads and choose his go-to arrow for the next morning. He would then have my brother and I, both too young to hunt, kiss the arrow for good luck.

Now, as I un-quiver an arrow and begin my hunt, I kiss the arrow before I nock it on the string. Every time. No questions asked.

Lastly, I say a prayer before each and every hunt. The prayer differs each time, but generally I thank the Lord for a day immersed in nature, ask for a bountiful season and ask that I return home safely.

All of these things have become a part of the hunting experience for me. I can’t say whether they bring me luck or success, but I can say that they bring me piece of mind. And I’ll take that any day.

What good luck charms or rituals do you connect to your hunting routines?


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Do You Use a Hunting Good Luck Charm?