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Hunting is a Good ‘Habit’ for Pennsylvania Nun

Sister John Paul Bauer of St. Marys, Pennsylvania, is a Benedictine nun.

She’s also an avid hunter.

During the 2015 deer season, she bagged a 10-point buck. The deer field dressed out at 217 pounds, more than enough to deserve a profle in the Olean Times Herald.

Not everybody thinks a nun should have deer hunting as a habit.

Because Sister John Paul’s buck was such a trophy, the Erie Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church did, sharing the photo of her and her buck on Facebook.

Yes, internet “haters” were commenting on the photo as soon as it was published.

Seems some folks can’t wrap their heads around someone both being religious and a hunter.

Comments ranged from, “How could she justify killing a beautiful, innocent animal?” to “It’s about a pathetic excuse for a nun who poses proudly for a carnage photo. Quit posing for photos because there is nothing glorious about killing any living being!”

Other folks simply wanted to damn her eternal soul.

Many would get drawn into a social media war over the comments, but not Sister John Paul. She knows why she’s a Christian, and she knows why she hunts (which includes theological reasoning). Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Sister John Paul is a 21-year veteran of the U.S. Navy.

In our eyes, we’re nothing but proud to consider Sister John Paul Bauer among the ranks of hunters.


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Hunting is a Good ‘Habit’ for Pennsylvania Nun