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Hunting Gifts on a Shoestring Budget

Shopping for hunting gifts can be easy if money is no issue. From rifles to super warm hunting clothing and from ground blinds to state of the art hunting aids.

However, price tags over $100 can also be quite daunting for many of us, especially if we have a lot of gifts to buy this holiday season and only a small budget with which to buy them. Luckily, not every hunting gift has to break the bank. On the contrary, there are a lot of great hunting gift ideas that can be had for $20 or less. Whether you are shopping for a Secret Santa gift with a well-defined spending limit or merely trying to keep your gift spending down this year, we’ve outlined a few of our favorite inexpensive hunting gifts below.

Hunting Calls: Whether the call is meant to mimic the sound of a turkey, a duck, a deer, an elk, or some other commonly hunted form of wild game, shoppers can often find hunting calls for well under the $20 mark.

callPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Wallets: Remember that your gift doesn’t necessarily have to have a practical hunting use in order to appeal to the hunter for whom you are shopping. For instance, Bass Pro Shops has a nice selection of rustic hunting-related wallets, each made of leather and imprinted with a different hunting image. All of the wallets are nicely made, with a classic look and feel, and all of them are available in the $15 to $30 range.

walletPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Decals: Many hunters love to proudly display their whitetail passion on the backs of their cars or trucks, so a decal bearing the logo of a favorite hunting brand can be great gift – and a great way to cut back on spending – when shopping for a hunter.

deer hunter decalPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

Watches: You may think of watches as an expensive “main event” kind of gift, but Bass Pro Shops also has a few reasonably nice $15 watches designated as “stocking stuffer” ideas this year. Sure, they aren’t the nicest watches on the market, and they don’t have many special features to speak of. However, when it comes to simply telling the time and keeping a hunter on schedule, an inexpensive watch can get the job done perfectly.

angler watchPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Entertainment: When people think of shopping for hunters, they usually think of buying guns or gear – stuff that can be used out in the field during hunting season. However, you have to remember that hunters spend far more time out of hunting season than in it, and since Christmas usually coincides with the end of the hunting season, it can be a major buzzkill to get a great piece of gear and then not be able to use it for the better part of a year.

With that in mind, some hunting-related entertainment can function as the perfect gift because it is something that can be enjoyed all year round. Whether the hunter is a huge fan of “Duck Dynasty,” an ardent reader of hunting adventure books, or a chef always looking for the next great wild game recipe, DVDs, books, and cooking collections are all great gift ideas that don’t have to double as a major investment.

happy happyPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Hunting Gifts on a Shoestring Budget