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‘Hunting for Food’: The Ultimate Guidebook for Self-Sustaining Outdoorsmen [PICS]

Be the ultimate self-sustaining provider with “Hunting for Food: Guide to Harvesting, Field Dressing, and Cooking Wild Game.”

You spend countless hours as a hunter scouting and preparing for hunting season. When you are finally successful, what do you do with your quarry? If you take it to the processor and pay to have it cleaned and then have someone else cook it for you, you need this book.

“Hunting for Food: Guide to Harvesting, Field Dressing, and Cooking Wild Game” is an all-encompassing guide that covers the process from how and when to hunt certain species, to cleaning it, to preparing and storing the meat.


“Hunting for Food” covers hunting deer, hog, rabbit, squirrel, turkey, quail, dove, pheasant, waterfowl, game fish, turtle, frog and crayfish. The chapters elaborate on animal behavior and biology, when, where, and how to hunt them, and how to clean and process the animal once you are successful.

Finally, each chapter ends with a few recipes. All of the information and steps in the processes are accompanied with real photos, which will help immensely when cleaning your game in the field to ensure you are dressing the animal correctly.

“Hunting for Food” is an extensive guide that is simple enough for a novice sportsman to pick up and feel confident with. Expert hunters who want a field dressing or recipe reference can also appreciate this guidebook.

The book was written by partners Jenny Ngyuen and Rick Wheatley, who also run the Food for Hunters blog. Together they hunt in their home state of Nebraska, cook their quarry and present their adventures and recipes on their site. Their unique recipes represent their multi-cultural background: American, Mexican, and Vietnamese.

Get the book here and either give it to a budding hunter who wants to learn more about being entirely self-sustainable or use it yourself to become an even more adept hunter.

Hunting for Food is a reminder of what hunting and fishing is about at its most basic level: Hunting and fishing game for food allows us, as people in a modern world, to never grow dull to the knowledge that food, life, and death are all connected.”

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‘Hunting for Food’: The Ultimate Guidebook for Self-Sustaining Outdoorsmen [PICS]