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Hunting for a Deal: Outfitting on a Budget

In times like these, we’re all hunting for a deal. These tips will help you get out in the woods without breaking the bank.

During this current recession, the vast majority of us have been hit hard in the pocket book. With the prices of food, gas, clothing and everything else under the sun going up, what is the hunter on a budget to do?US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

We must look at want versus need. Do we need that new extra-fancy deer stand, or will the one we used last year still safely keep us above our game?

How about those game cameras that are even better than last year? How do the bows look if you are an archery hunter? If the strings, cables and etc. look good, we can consider those ready to go hunting after test firing.

Same with firearms. Are they sighted in, with everything functioning well? Game on.

There will always be those items you want, but do you really need them? Our forefathers hunted in buckskins without technology. We can probably step back from that costly bunch of items.

Of course, there are some things you do need and you will be hard pressed to find them cheap. Ammunition is one of those items. They never seem to get cheaper.

Clothing can be found in places like thrift shops, Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Shop around these stores and you may find even wool hunting jackets in great shape for under ten dollars. Military surplus clothing shows up on occasion too, and it will blend you in well enough that the deer will not mind.

Garage sales and flea markets are a great place to spot good finds. Online stores like eBay and Etsy have items that can work well and be a fraction of the cost.

Remember that 1980s tree bark camouflage still blends you in? I bought a jacket and pants for eight dollars last week. Do not get hooked into paying an arm and a leg on the newest 3D camouflage if you do not need to.

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Retail prices continue to rise, and with other places our hard earned dollars are going, it is wise to check into more frugal ways to outfit your hunting needs this year. Happy deal hunting!


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Hunting for a Deal: Outfitting on a Budget