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Hunting and Fishing Merger Joins Plano and Synergy Outdoors

Plano Molding Company and Synergy Outdoors are joining forces to create a hunting and fishing merger that should produce leading product innovation, quality customer service and market dominance.

Plano is a leading producer of fishing accessories, and supplies the premier outdoor storage system for tackle, rods and reels, and other specialized outdoors equipment. Synergy Outdoors focuses on hunting products through brands like Wildgame Innovations, Barnett Outdoors, Ameristep, Flextone Game Calls, Halo Optics and Evolved Harvest and Habitats.

The two companies hope to form a collaborative leader in both the hunting and fishing industries, and position themselves for further growth and acquisition.

Plano and Synergy are also creating a regional collaboration, reaching their brands further across the nation through the merger. Plano is based in Illinois and Synergy calls Baton Rouge, Louisiana home, where founder Ryan Busbice and his family star in the hit television show “Wildgame Nation” on the Outdoor Channel.

“Over the last decade,” Busbice said in the press release announcing the merger, “we have sought to bring our passion for hunting to the marketplace by developing innovative products that make hunters more successful in the field. This combination will allow us to move towards our long-term vision of becoming a true year-round leader in the broader outdoor industry.”

We see this hunting and fishing merger as a significant event in both industries that will bring a fresh perspective to both the brand and the corporate levels. Wide Open Spaces views both of these companies as leaders in their respective fields, and a connection like this will only strengthen the overall image and performance of each.

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Hunting and Fishing Merger Joins Plano and Synergy Outdoors