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Hunting Filmmaker Jay Leggett Dead After Killing One Last Deer

Comedian and documentarian Jay Leggett collapsed and died during a hunting trip on Saturday, November 23, 2013, a sad ending to a life spent sharing the joy of acting, filmmaking and the outdoors.

According to CNN reports, Leggett passed away while doing one of the things he loved: deer hunting. The death is believed to not be accidental or related to firearms, as the 50-year old collapsed near his all-terrain vehicle shortly after returning to camp near Tomahawk, Wisconsin. A deer killed by Leggett was strapped to the ATV. Saturday was the first day of Wisconsin deer hunting season.

The Lincoln County sheriff’s office said that Leggett was found unresponsive by family members, who administered CPR to no avail.

Leggett was responsible for the 2011 film “To the Hunt: Deer Season in Tomahawk, Wisconsin,” which highlighted life in deer camp and the fun and enjoyment he and his companions got out of hunting. His best-known mainstream work involved writing, producing and starring in “Employee of the Month” with Matt Dillon.

At his time of death, Leggett was teaching at Comedy Live, L.A., where he instructed students on improv, acting and writing. He got his start in the Improv Olympic in Chicago, where he worked alongside the likes of Mike Meyers, Chris Farley and Andy Richter.

The hunting community has lost a great member, and we here at Wide Open Spaces were heartbroken to hear of Leggett’s passing.

Here’s hoping he’s bagging bucks in the big hunting field in the sky.


Featured image via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Hunting Filmmaker Jay Leggett Dead After Killing One Last Deer