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Hunting Film Tour Coming to a Theater Near You [VIDEO]

Facebook/The Hunting Film Tour

If you are familiar with the Fly Fishing Film Tour, look out! The Hunting Film Tour is close behind.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is changing hearts and minds all across America when it comes down to the essence of what fly fishing is all about. If hunters have anything to do with it, the Hunting Film Tour is going to accomplish the same thing and then some.

Their goals include enhancing the hunting experience, conserving the nature around us, and to educate those who just don't understand, the Hunting Film Tour is taking the outdoors community, and the nation, by storm.

The following trailers found here, show you exactly what I'm talking about when the world of art collides with the world of hunting. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these clips. If you are like me, you'll be going right here to check for tour stops.

"Game of Inches"


"Smoke and Feathers" 


"The Road to Gredos" 


"Into October"


"The Untamed"


"The Last Chance"




"Chasing Cats"


"3 to Close"


Which one got your blood pumping? Good luck trying to find a seat. I hear a lot of these shows sell out pretty quickly...

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Hunting Film Tour Coming to a Theater Near You [VIDEO]