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Predator Falcon Takes Down Duck [VIDEO]

Have you ever attempted hunting ducks with a falcon? Watch as a Passage Peregrine Falcon pursues and traps a wood duck in South Carolina!

Falconry dates back to possibly as early as 2,000 BC when Mesopotamians used falcon to help hunt down prey as a food source. From then, the practice stuck and the birds of prey have been used ever since, even being used to deter messenger pigeons in the Great War.

Now falconry is not as common due, in part, to the advancement of firearms. Nonetheless, this great video shows that falcons are still effective. There is something surreal about letting these creatures do what they were born to do in their natural element.

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Witnessing this hunt is a great reminder to outdoorsmen that it is a privilege to engage in nature. Falcons, like mankind, were born to hunt. Encouragingly, the sport of falconry is gaining popularity through awareness and education.


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Predator Falcon Takes Down Duck [VIDEO]