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Hunting Dogs: 4 Reasons to Adopt Now for Fall

Are you looking for new hunting dogs to take with you this fall? Now’s the time to train one! 

If you are wanting to hit the woods this fall with a new pup, now is the time to start training it. Obviously brand new hunting dogs who have never been trained are not going to wake up opening day and know the ends and outs of pointing and flushing.

In order to prepare for the upcoming seasons here are a few pointers to get your hunting dogs ready. No pun intended. pointer done

1. Let your puppy socialize

It is pertinent that your puppy becomes familiar with new scents especially scents of the animal you will be hunting, but in general puppies need to be exposed to numerous people and places.

Additionally, puppies should be in contact with people frequently in order to make the relationship between the pup and its owner as close as possible. You do not want your new dog to be timid or shy after being cooped up but to have confidence in its ability.

2. Expose your dog to birds

If your dog is not exposed to the what it is trained to hunt then it will not accomplish the goals you set for it. It’s not hard though! Take your pup out to a field to flush some birds or get some pen-raised birds for it to train with.

The more exposure it has as a pup the more experience it will have when it’s go time!

3. Consistency is key

Hunting Dogs

When training your hunting dogs, be sure to have consistent commands and goals set for the dogs as not to confuse them. If your dogs learn what to expect when giving a command the dogs will know when to listen.

Oftentimes dogs cannot stay still very long and will chase even the slightest of distractions if not taught to listen. Make sure to give the dog a command only once and wait for it to follow your instruction. You can tell a well-trained dog apart if it obeys on the first command.

4. Don’t demand too much too early

beagle done

It is better to frequently have short, effective training sessions rather than long, periodic lessons. This will help reinforce what the dog is learning without wearing it out. Additionally, you should proceed slowly so the dog doesn’t get burned out.

Be sure your hunting dogs are in great shape physically. Walk them consistently not only to increase endurance but also to toughen up their pads so that rocks, thorns and pavement do not mess them up the first day of the hunt.

These are only a few highlights, but they will place you on the right track to ensure success from your new best friend!



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Hunting Dogs: 4 Reasons to Adopt Now for Fall